You understand your current value orientations and levels of consciousness as well as changes on the market and the required adjustments. You understand more clearly why you are able to deal more or less well with certain values from other levels. You understand and have understanding for the relevance of other value alignments, but you can also initiate and change the relevant change initiatives.

Three perspectives of observation

  • Personal Value System – For successful personality development and customised coaching
  • Group Value System – For team developments and team coaching
  • Organisation Value System – For organisation development and optimisation of the corporate culture

Areas of use of the model

Personal Value System

  • Single coaching
  • Outplacement
  • Placement
  • Recruiting/assessment centre
  • Career consulting
  • Manager coaching

Group Value System

  • Team development
  • Team coaching
  • Manager development
  • Sales optimisation
  • Process optimisation

Organisation Value System

  • Corporate culture changes
  • Interface optimisation
  • Organisation development
  • Change management


  • Impulse lectures
  • Analysis of culture-determining value systems

Einsatzgebiete des Modells

Personal Value System

  • Einzelcoaching
  • Outplacement
  • Placement
  • Recruiting / Assessment Center
  • Karriereberatung
  • Führungskräftecoaching

Group Value System

  • Teamentwicklung
  • Teamcoaching
  • Führungskräfteentwicklung
  • Vertriebsoptimierung
  • Prozessoptimierung

Organisation Value System

  • Unternehmenskultur-Veränderung
  • Schnittstellenoptimierung
  • Organisationsentwicklung 
  • Change Management


  • Impulsvorträge
  • Analyse von kulturbestimmenden Wertesystemen