The 9 Levels in Talent Development

To what extent does an individual's value system align with the culture of an organization, department, or business unit? How can employees be helped to find a position that matches their individual value system?

The typical career paths, which were once very linear and straightforward, are largely a thing of the past today. Instead, flexibility and situational career guidance are in demand, adapting to the current needs of employees as well as those of the company. This applies to positions within organizations as well as the search for opportunities where a departing employee might feel more comfortable with their value systems

All companies are currently facing the challenge of successfully managing digital transformation. The ongoing transformation process is certainly technically driven, but at its core, it will result in a fundamental shift in values and norms. This means that while many tasks will be taken over by algorithms in the future, there is an even greater need for the (re)development of human 'basic abilities.' Only in this way will companies successfully navigate the transition to the digital age.' (original in German: Hofmann, Anja: Werteorientierte Talententwicklung von Mitarbeitern der Generation X, in: Wittig/Brand/Krumm: Werte messen, Change erfolgreich gestalten, Offenbach 2020, S. 246)

Die 9 Levels of Value Systems® support outplacement by considering the value systems of individuals in addition to their professional qualifications and experiences, enabling a more sustainable career realignment.