The 9 Levels in Team Development

Team culture is like the wind: Everyone knows it is there. Everyone feels it. It can feel light and pleasant, but it can also unleash great destructive force. It is not visible, only indirectly evident through its effects. No one doubts its existence – we just can't really grasp it.

That is why it is difficult to sustainably and effectively change team culture. There is always the risk of putting in a lot of effort but targeting the wrong areas. This can be observed in many companies within the current wave of New Work: Meeting rooms are transformed into lounges in a desire for increased exchange and more agile approaches, suddenly bean bags are everywhere. But that alone does not change anything in everyday team life! It takes a comprehensive view of the different elements of team culture to truly initiate the desired change and ensure that the changes achieved are maintained in the long term.

Through the 9 Levels of Value Systems® in team and personal development, shared values and differences in the values of participants are made visible, resistance is uncovered, differences between lived and desired values are highlighted, and measures are made clear that pave the way for a happier and more effective collaboration.