The 9 Levels in Change Management

Many companies go through little or no change over several years. However, the market conditions have indeed changed: Increasing competition, rising cost pressures, and shorter delivery expectations force companies to work more dynamically and quickly – which is often barely feasible. A cultural shift must take place to enable these companies to compete effectively once again.

At the heart of any change is always the further development of one's own value systems. Equally important, however, is the question of how these value systems fit into one's current life context. When all four areas—individual, organization, market, and group—are in harmony, meaning all are on the same level of values, is there no need for change. But if one of these areas changes, it creates an imbalance, which then requires the others to adapt.

The 9 Levels of Value Systems® focus on this dynamic interaction between the areas of influence, setting them apart from other static models. They show exactly where change can happen and simultaneously clarify the necessity of change, if applicable. This helps make the often ambiguous feeling of 'we need to change' tangible for all involved individuals.