9 Levels of Value Systems®

We make values measurable

With the 9 Levels of Value Systems® we ensure it fits: the individual with the team, the team with the organization, and the organization with the market. Values and culture are at the core of our approach. Based on the integral development model by Prof. Clare W. Graves, we make values visible and practical.

We provide value-based approaches and tools for individuals, teams, and organizations. Pragmatic, practical, and international. Our scientifically based value system analyses serve as the foundation to develop perfectly fitting measures for targeted changes that ensure successful implementation.

We would be delighted to certify you to use our analyses or accompany you in your transformation processes. VALUE-cherishing and professional. And always in a manner that suits you best!

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Our 9 Levels Masters specialize in the following areas:

Organizational Development

Most change processes fail because people are overlooked. With the 9 Levels, you can gain a clear understanding of the current corporate reality with all its involved parties.

Change Management

Many employees feel that 'Change is stupid!' as they feel overlooked in the redesign process. With the 9 Levels of Value Systems®, the focus shifts to the human side of change.

Team Development

The success of a company depends a lot on its teams and how they work together. The 9 Levels of Value Systems® reveal the values of all parties involved, uncovering any resistance in the process.


As the challenges of the world become more complex, the 9 Levels of Value Systems® help individuals understand their value systems and actively apply them for personal growth.


Client demands are increasingly growing, but who responds to which triggers? Only those who understand the value systems of clients can provide personalized solutions.



The 9 Levels of Value Systems® reveal motivation and demotivation potential in recruiting, enabling customized employer branding.


The requirements for leadership have become more diverse. The 9 Levels of Value Systems® enable a profound understanding of where employees currently stand - and how they can be supported from there.

Talent Development

With the 9 Levels of Value Systems®, a more sustainable career realignment is possible by considering the value systems of all parties involved in addition to their professional qualifications.

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