The 9 Levels in Coaching

Values ​​define the meaning and significance we give to things. They guide our thoughts and behaviors, provide us with directions, and contribute to feelings of happiness and success depending on their fulfillment level. Therefore, they are a central theme in coaching, where the focus may be on gaining clarity for decisions, achieving more satisfaction, or tackling and successfully mastering goals. The 9 Levels of Value Systems® make these value systems visible—and usable for change processes in coaching. For example, at a later stage, a reassessment can be conducted to measure whether and what developments have taken place.

Typical questions in value-oriented coaching:

  • How does the coachee perceive the current situation?
  • Where are the differences between their value systems and those of the environment, company, manager, or colleagues?
  • How have the coachee's value systems developed or changed?
  • What events triggered these changes?
  • What must the new tasks or work environment be like for the coachee to unleash their full potential?