The 9 Levels in Recruiting

The demand for qualified professionals shows no sign of diminishing. For many companies, it is a significant challenge to stand out to potential new employees compared to other employers. Many recruiting processes focus solely on factual information and professional competence, paying little attention to human or personal factors. Additionally, employees today often have a different outlook on life and expect their interests and those of their families to align well with their professional lives.

With the 9 Levels of Value Systems® it is possible to measure and understand the value systems of employees and candidates, thus incorporating them into the selection process:

  • Which teams or departments does the (potential) employee fit into?
  • What qualities should candidates bring to each position?
  • Which tasks suit them well and which less so?
  • How can individuals be bound to the company in the long term?

Through values-oriented recruitment, the alignment between employees and employers can be assessed on a whole new level. The 9 Levels identify potential sources of motivation and demotivation, enable personalized employer branding, and ultimately provide a well-founded basis for decision-making, whether in favor of or against each other. Beneficial for both parties involved.

By integrating the alignment of value systems into recruitment as a 9 Levels Master, you can ensure not only the professional suitability but also the appropriate mindset of new employees, thus significantly reducing the rate of misplacements. In coaching, you can also support candidates in clarifying both their desired role and their preferred employer, allowing them to present themselves authentically. A win-win situation for all parties involved.