The 9 Levels in Sales

Clientss and their purchasing behavior have changed significantly in recent years. Never before have clients been better informed, nor have they been clearer in their decision-making. This makes it increasingly challenging for sales and marketing.

Andreas Buhr, bestselling author and successful speaker, puts it this way: 'Sales is different today! The customer, along with their needs and values, currently decides and acts primarily at the Green and probably increasingly at the Yellow level. They do not buy products, but solutions. They place increasing value on participation, partnership, and fairness. They communicate virtually, use networks, and have great confidence in their own ability to act. Sales must adapt to this new culture of values.' (original quote in German: Buhr, Andreas: Vertrieb geht heute anders – Wertschätzung vor Wertschöpfung, in: Wittig/Brand/Krumm: Werte messen, Change erfolgreich gestalten, Offenbach 2020, S. 104)

With the 9 Levels of Value Systems® in sales, salespeople learn to better understand themselves and their clients. A client with a pronounced 'Blue' value level, for example, has different expectations for the conversation than a 'Green' client. Therefore, the concept allows for flexibility to react individually and adapt to different clients.